Directions for Completing the Map Exercises


Students must follow the directions below:

        All countries, cities and physical features must be located on the enclosed maps

        Students need to purchase or borrow from the teacher several colored pens to complete these exercises

        The blue pen should be used to locate all water bodies- oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers. (Trace the course the rivers with the blue pen and label it.)

        The red pen should be used to locate all cities on the map

        The brown pen should be used to locate all mountains, plateaus or plains. (Draw a circle around mountain ranges, plateaus, etc.)

        The black pen should be used to label all states or other territorial divisions.



North Africa and Middle East Map #7
Locate the following places on the North Africa map.


Arab North Africa:

Countries                                                        Cities


Egypt                                                               Cairo [KY-roh], Alexandria

Libya                                                                Tripoli [TRIP-uh-lee]

Tunisia (Too-NEE-zee-ah]                                Tunis

Algeria [Al-JEER-ee-ah]                                  Algiers,

Morocco [Moor-AWK-oh]                               Rabat, Fez, Casablanca



Eastern Mediterranean  

Locate the following places on the Middle East Map

Countries                                                        Cities


Turkey                                                             Istanbul, Ankara

Lebanon                                                           Beirut [Bay-ROOT]

Cyprus [SY-prus]

Jordan                                                              Amman

Israel                                                                Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa

Syria [SEER-ee-ah]                                          Damascus [Duh-MAS-kis]



Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula  

Locate the following places on the Middle East Map


Countries                                                        Cities


Saudi Arabia [SAW-dee Ah-RAY-bee-ah]      Riyadh,  Mecca,  Medina, Jedah, 
                                                                        Ad Dammam

Oman [o-MAHN]          

Yemen [YEH-men]                                           Sana

United Arab Emirates [EHM-er-its]

Qatar [Ka-TAR]                                              Doha

Kuwait [Kuh-WAYT]                                      Kuwait City

Iran                                                                  Tehran, Tabriz, Abadan, Isfahan

Iraq [Eer-AK]                                                  Baghdad [BAG-dad]

Baharain (bah-rain)


Occupied Territories (Israeli controlled)


West Bank                                                       Jerusalem,  Bethlehem,  Hebron









Physical Features: Map #8



Atlas Mountains

Elburz Mts (el-boorz)

Al Nijaz and Asir Mountains

Zagros Mountains (zah-gruss)


Water Bodies

Caspian Sea

Black Sea

Mediterranean Sea

Red Sea

Dead Sea

Persian Gulf

Gulf of Oman

Straits of Hormuz

Lake Nasser

Gulf of Aqaba (ah-kuh-buh)

Gulf of Aden

Aswan High Dam

Suez Canal




Nile River

Tigris River [TY-gris]

Euphrates River (yoo frate-eeze)

Jordan River




Sahara Desert

Arabian Desert

Ar Rub Al Khali